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Professional Manufacturer of Smart Sockets
Guangzhou LEISHEN Electric Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2011, who is an enterprise engaged in R&D, production and sales. The products involved include switch socket, power adapter, smart socket, Wall Outlet and so on,all related to building electrical products.Since its establishment till now, our company has accumulated extremely rich manufacturing experience, with more than 300 employees, more than 5,000 square meters of plant area, and an annual output of 10 million switch sockets. Also we own a group of outstanding technical elite, and research and development personnel,  took the lead in introducing advanced foreign electronics production equipment and technology, have international advanced technology of automation testing equipment and semi-automatic production equipment more than 300 units, One national standard quality inspection room, and absorb the excellent management method, make the company always been ahead of peers and competitors.
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Why Choose Us

  • LEISHEN is a well-known manufacturer of intelligent sockets in the industry.
  • LEISHEN has a professional national electrical laboratory.
  • LEISHEN has an innovative R&D team to create customized products for customers.
  • LEISHEN has been recognized by many Fortune 500 companies in Europe and the United States, and has formed strategic partnerships with them.
  • LEISHEN is committed to becoming a world-class supplier of intelligent socket solutions.
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