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Leishen and the Environment


Fulfilling the responsibility of environmental protection and promoting the harmonious development of human and nature play a significant role in the sustainable developing plan of Leishen. We have been adhering to the sustainable development of environmental protection and economic construction over the past many years:



Improvement of Environmental Management System

We actively generalize innovative and advanced environmental management system to all production sectors to promote sustainable development.




Lightening of Environment Load through
Energy-saving Production

We constantly refine the internal management stages to make them more precise, introduce energy saving equipment, improve the level of energy-saving and  environmental-protecting technologies used in products, in order to reduce energy consumption during production.


Environmental Protection in Production Process

For the purpose of promoting the development of circulating economy industry, we lighten the environmental load and reduce consumption of water, electricity and other kinds of energy through the recycling and integration of wastes in production process.

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