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Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise and an inexhaustible driving force for its development. It includes the business concept, enterprise spirit, values, codes of conduct, ethics, corporate image and the sense of responsibility and honor of all employees to the enterprise. The rapid development of Raytheon reflects that the company's core values are supported and recognized by all sectors of society and employees. Over the years, the company has formed a unique Raytheon culture.


Enterprise Goal: Create First-class Brand and Build First-class Enterprise

Enterprise Purpose: Quality First, Scientific and Technological Innovation


Enterprise Spirit: Team Spirit, Innovation Spirit, Dedication Spirit and Professionalism

Team spirit: The development of an enterprise requires an efficient, rigorous and harmonious team, which requires our employees to really find their position in the enterprise value chain, and create value through efficient teamwork, knowledge sharing and resource complementarity.


Innovation Spirit: Constant innovation is the core competitiveness of the sustainable development of enterprises. The combination of innovation ability and practice of every employee will realize the innovation of enterprises. Constant breakthroughs will bring continuous development.


Professionalism: "Sincerity is the key to success. Only by adhering to meticulous professionalism can every employee create products that reassure customers and provide services that satisfy them."


Service Concept: Customer First, Technology Leadership, Full Participation, Excellence

Dedication: The growth and development of an enterprise can not be separated from the understanding and dedication of employees to the company. Constantly work with the passion and hard work of entrepreneurs is the culture advocated by the company.


Customer First: Be meticulous and hands-on. Every other customer's satisfaction is the realm we pursue.

Technological Leadership: Providing customers with advanced products and enabling consumers to enjoy cutting-edge technology is the essence of our service.


Full participation: Excellent customer service requires the active participation and genuine devotion of every employee in the enterprise.


Keeping improving: Service is endless and customer satisfaction is our unswerving goal.

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