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20A GFCI Outlet

Tamper-Resistant GFI Outlet

  • Model:  G2001F
  • Electrical Rating: 20A, 125VAC, 60Hz  
  • AC Outlets: 3 Grounded 
  • Self-Test Circle: 5 seconds 
  • Tamper Resistant: Yes
  • Operation Temperature: -35 to +66
  • Color:Glossy White, Matt Black, Silver 
  • Materials: 100%New PC(UL-V0), Phosphor Bronze 
  • Wall Plates size: 120x74x32mm; 125x80x32mm 
  • Certifications: UL Listed(UL NO E487873) 
  • MOQ:100 PCS 
  • Warranty: 5 Year


Slim Self-Test TR GFCI Outlet Receptacle

Constructed with high-grade materials and exclusive ground-fault-protection technology, the LEISHEN newly-launched slim series GFCI provides a thinner size for easy installation and a safer outlet for worry-free power consumption all the time. Make sure you can spot ground fault trips quickly and resolve them easily with GFCI receptacle installed in the living space. 

Auto-Monitoring Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

The self-test GFCI automatically conducts an internal test every five seconds, ensuring it's always ready to protect. If the device fails the test, the indicator light flashes to signal that the GFCI should be replaced. If the ground fault is detected, the GFI will trip and cut off electricity within 0.025 seconds. 

Easy Installation

Wall plates and screws included, back and side wiring are both available. Reduced depth leaves more room for wires in wallbox and eliminates fuss from installation. 


- Self-Test Circle: 5 seconds 

- Rating: 20A/125V/2500W 

- Operation Temperature: -35 to +66

- Tamper Resistant: Yes

- UL Certificate: Yes

Package Contents

1 x Slim GFCI Outlet

1 x Standard-Size Decor Wall Plate

2 x Receptacle Mounting Screw

2 x Color-Matched Outlet Cover Screws

2 x Installation Guide

1 x Warranty Card

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